Over the last decade; Alliance For Consumers USA (ACUSA) has been an important and reliable resource for several Industries and Consumer Groups. Since the turn of the century, ACUSA has produced and delivered world class membership benefits to our members. Alliance For Consumers USA is an independent Association, and is not controlled by, or directly affiliated with, any Insurance Carrier. ACUSA is constantly evolving; we continue to provide consumer and corporate based programs to our Members by procuring savings on products and services. Alliance For Consumers USA is focused on providing lifestyle benefits and services to its Institutional and Corporate members, Franchise Members and Trade Group Members that address the needs of today’s consumer and enhance their quality of life.

The mission of Alliance For Consumers USA, is to serve, support, represent and promote the interests of its members; to provide educational programs, research, instruction, training and other information to the corporation’s members for the purpose of enhancing consumer awareness in areas related to economics, finance, health and wellness, social, environmental and other human issues; to provide access to appropriate benefits, products and services needed and desired by its members on a cooperative, cost efficient and economical basis utilizing its group strength and purchasing powers; and to provide e-mails, websites and website links, media, newsletters, articles, meetings, forums and other means of effective communication between the corporation and its members concerning the purposes of the corporation.

Alliance For Consumers USA is a network of hard working Americans; small business owners, hourly workers and the self-employed across our country. We are focused on educating and providing an array of programs and services that can help our member make sound financial, personal and health decisions.

ACUSA Single Membership is $14.95 per month. Family Membership is only $19.95!!!

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