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The Disability Advocacy Service

SSDC is one of the nation's oldest and most respected SSDI representation firms. For over 30 years, SSDC has helped over 100,000 individuals win the SSDI benefits they have earned.

The Disability Advocacy Service is a pre-paid subscription for Social Security Disability Insurance representation. This service provides certified, expert disability representation in filing a claim for Social Security Disability, in the event of a qualifying medical condition. The Disability Advocacy Service provides you experienced representation at a fraction of the cost you would pay other professional representatives.

"I never would have thought I could earn my benefits so fast.
Everyone at SDCC was so caring."
- SSDC Services Client

"These are your benefits.
You've earned them."
- SSDC Services Lawyer

Social Security Disability Advocacy Service Provides:

  1. Professional, expert assistance in applying for SSDI beginning at the application stage, including form and paperwork guidance and coordination
  2. Case development and medical record evidence documentation
  3. In the event of a denial at any stage, full appeals support and filings to continue your case
  4. Representation in front of an Administrative Law Judge at the hearing stage to present your evidence of a disabling condition
  5. Assistance in Medicare enrollment once SSDI has been awarded and the waiting period completed
  6. Helpful, friendly and caring support personnel to answer your questions any time you need them
  7. You will never be charged for medical records, our travel, or any other expenses while we are involved in pursuing your case
  8. For voluntary subscribers, if SSDC cannot win your award, all of your past fees will be refunded